How will COVID-19 change our lives, our country, our cities and our world?

How will COVID-19 change our lives, our country, our cities and our world?

In Canada, masks will be ubiquitous, health care will go virtual and old, unhealthy habits will die โ€“ but around the world, we could be in for a coronavirus-created Cold War. Here are some of the ways experts and observers predict our lives will change.

We Will Wear Masks

Globe columnist Elizabeth Renzetti lives in Germany, where masks are now mandatory in shops and on public transit, a fact that has made her increasingly uneasy.

After a subway ride with her teenage daughter and a discussion about their have different perspectives on it, she reflected in a column Loading…on how pro- and anti-mask attitudes are widening tribal divisions of class, culture, race and gender:

I will gladly wear a mask in public for as long as necessary โ€“ marking my inclusion in the reason-loving tribe of sheeple โ€“ but for purely selfish reasons I will be extremely glad to never have to wear one again, once we have a vaccine. … This is not the world I want to live in. But this, for the moment, is the world we do live in.

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