Colourful Alternative for Curb Appeal

I don’t think many people know that you can stain brickwork — both for inside and outside applications. I’m not talking about painting your brick, but actually staining your brickwork. Paint can block brick’s porous nature, and brick needs to breathe and dissipate moisture. These stains are non-toxic, non-VOC, water repellent, UV resistant and mould and algae deterrent and therefore sustainable. In my books, that’s a good thing.

Staining allows the brick to breathe while giving your exterior and interior vertical brickwork or masonry work, like a fireplace or exposed interior brick wall, new life.

I’m not going to lie. The process sounds time-consuming, as in some cases, each brick needs to be stained — but the results are definitely worth the labour, and the process is much faster than you would think. It can transform your house, lasting for up to 30 years and increase your curb appeal — all without having to move. We recently did this on a homeowner’s house, and honestly, I was so impressed that I wanted to share my findings with you. Plus, the whole process is simple enough that a DIY homeowner can do the work themselves for brick-by-brick application, especially if they are going to colour both the brick and the mortar joints.


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